Still looking for the right theme for your website? You come to the right place. This is where you can learn, explore, and find the power of Themify, the most versatile and reliable theme builder. Our team of experts review Themify themes currently available out there with the most challenging criteria and present the result to make it easier to everyone to build and launch a powerful yet visually attractive website for any purpose.

What is Themify

Themify is a theme builder designed and optimized for WordPress website. It is the WordPress theme builder that focuses on freedom and flexibility allowing user to easily customize and personalize the visual look of the website. This theme builder also offers rich of features with wide selections of addons and plugins to make the website more powerful for specific purposes.

Why Themify

What makes Themify different than other WordPress theme builders? There are plenty benefits Themify can offer including:

Drag and Drop

No more complicated coding! Themify allows website building so much easier with its drag and drop feature. Anyone can build a website with own preferred layout. Just drag any preferred elements, from rows, columns, to widgets or videos and drop on the preferred location. There are plenty of modules and elements to customize website. Editing website is made so much easier by moving the elements, applying colors, fonts, and so much more. The limit is your own creativity. What makes it more interesting is easier to see what the page will look like even when editing is still in progress.

Preloaded Content

Themify comes with preloaded layouts and contents. It makes the website presentable with professional look since the very beginning. Only few customizations needed and the website is ready to launch.

Switching Back End View to Front End View, Vice Versa

Themify is the only theme builder offering both back end and front end views with the ability to swtich from one setting to another without any hassle. While Themify preloaded layout and drag and drop features are awesome, savvier website owners may still need to use code to customize. This theme builder offers the best of both worlds.

Optimize for Ecommerce

Themify is designed and optimized to build and launch powerful ecommerce business. It has plugins and tools for a business-ready website. The themes are also SEO friendly and compatible with various SEO tools. More advanced business features are available with premium plans.

What This Site Can Offer

We offer you the latest news and most updated information about Themify themes. The latest themes, newest plugins, of latest modules launched, we covered it first. We committed to deliver the fastest, most comprehensive, and unbiased review ensuring this site visitors can get useful guideline to choose the best themes and the most suitable modules and plugins to optimize website.

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