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Themify Split Theme:  A Perfect Theme with Scrolling Effect

A split scrolling theme is one of the famous theme designs for WordPress site. Themify split theme is a completely responsive theme for WordPress that is created with a feature called as split scrolling. It will allow you to make an effect of cool splitting when you scroll from one row to another row. The team has designed this type of theme to allow user to show any types of content starting from image, full width video, and text on all rows in the site using an interesting appealing effect.

split theme


The designer team also has inserted pair layouts for postings with half page (no sidebar), and full width feature image (sidebar). Both layouts will allow you to change the design of the display you desire to show your blog pages or portfolio. After that, this theme comes with 8 sample page layouts, 9 various colored skins, footer and header visibility options, a masonry layout, and infinite scroll. You can try the demo to see what you can do with this Split theme.

Split Scrolling

The first feature in this theme is Split Scrolling. It is a feature that allows you to make an effect of nifty split-screen in a flexible way when you scroll through the site. It will help you show the content of your site and display all the content you want on the row you choose in the site in a very amazing way. Whether you are showing an image slider, background image, or a video, the feature of this split scrolling will work perfectly. If you have a tablet, the split scrolling will work in an effect of section scrolling. The designer team has built some sample layouts of the page you can choose from. One of the page layouts certainly will suit the content of your site. Those sample designs are including:
·         Agency page
·         Restaurant page
·         Wedding page
·         Super heroes page
·         Shop page
·         Portfolio page
·         Product page
·         Personal page

split theme

Column Styling

By using theme, you can style every column in your desire with the styling feature for the row from the Builder. Now, you can also have customized type of background (video, slider, solid color, or parallax scrolling image), padding, font, margin, border, and overlay of every column for every row on your site. The designer team has built this theme to be able to work hand-in-hand alongside the feature of new Builder Column Styling. You can check out the demo to try the page layout theme and how you can use the styling’s column for every row.

Responsive & Retina Ready

This feature means that this theme is fully responsive and fluid. It will show your site consistently in terms of the resolutions in every device.

Half Page/Fullwidth Post Layouts

You can pick your preference to show your portfolio or blog with half page (no sidebar) or full width feature image (sidebar) post layout. The half page layout will help you making an amazing half page design that displays you feature post or image on the left side like static content which can be seen as you scroll to another post on your right side.

The Themify split theme demo is always available before you deciding to use it. Good luck!