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Design Your ECommerse Site with Shoppee Theme

The advanced of digital technology now affects in the rapid grow of online marketing. .

About Shopee Themify

Shopee theme is actually Woocommerse theme with multi – purpose. The company is established to help clients to create professional ecommerce in just short period of time. The theme comes with drag and drop Themify Builder. Not only that, the theme also has various features of ecommerce such as wish list, ajax quick search, ajax cart, product image zoom or gallery, quick look lightbox, and much more. If you want to create an ecommerce site of your own, there will be simple steps that you have to accomplish. All you need to do is just installing the free plugin of Woocommerce and the Sophee theme. After that, you have to press the demo – import. Just within a minute, you will get shop site that is exactly the same with the one shown in the company’s account demo. There are some additional theme skins you can find in shoppee theme. The theme skins can help to change your site appearance with a totally different feel and look. You can choose a certain theme skin and then click the import demo. Soon after that, you can easily create your site just like displayed in the demo.

shoppee theme

What Is Offered by Shopee Themify?

You can impress those who visit your business’ site with the shop features provided by Shopee WooCommerce. Each feature will make your brand is just like trusted big brands available out there.

1.     Ajax Cart

Each time you put a new item in the cart, the feature will automatically updates the dropdown cart available on the header part without you have to reload the page. With this feature, it will be possible for you to see the cart total and remove items exist.

2.     Wishlist

The feature will make it possible for you to put your additional favorite items so you can visit them later. Each time a particular item is wishlisted, there will be an awesome animation to enrich your experience.

3.     Quick Look

The Quick Look feature provided by Shopee Themify functions to let you to view the item’s details available in a lightbox without you have to visit the product page. There will be an awesome flipping animation displayed once you load the quick look lightbox.

4.     Gallery Slider

The next feature you can enjoy is Gallery slider in shoppee theme. With the feature, a gallery slider of ajax product will instantly show up when the product picture is hovered over. This will allow you to view all the product images using more fun ways.

5.     Image Zoom

Image zoom is one of the interesting features offered by Shopee WooCommerce Theme. The feature will enable you to see product image in larger version simply by clicking it. Best of all, the feature in shoppee theme can work well in whatever device you have include mobile, tablets, and desktops. This is such a great way to promote your product through wonderful images.