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Themify for True Artist and Music Lover

If you like listening to music, then you should try Themify to be installed to your site. Music is universal language that brings people together. . In this article, you will find out more about this theme that will make your site cooler!

music theme

Unlimited Layouts

Since Themify has its own Builder, people will be able to build unlimited number layouts page by dragging or dropping it. These are the elements that you can create with Builder:

·         Home

you can use your favorite music as video background to make more people visit your site and catch more attention. It can display diverse available albums. This home page is also supported by various layouts, colors, and post types.

·         For Music Artist

this page is made for the true artist who can highlight their latest info, tour, or music video in a full width background of video. Fans can collect information easier related to event information and important dates. They can see a gallery of their idol’s latest albums as well as widget to make them connect to their idol easily.

·         Single page

it contains one page layout with automatic highlighting from previous page section and parallax scrolling.
·         Gallery demo: it is the page where you can put gallery posts and photos. It is design to be displayed full width to post your gallery in an intuitive and clean way. It also displays parallax scrolling, embedded video, and a continuous image slider.

·         Music app

it is designed for music to highlight and promote it using scrolling carousel that will go over and over. It has pricing tables, a strong and specific call to action, a list of features of music app, and FAQ.

·         Artist 2

it is a distinctive layout comes in simple magazine styling for displaying event information, tour dates, contact info, photo galleries, social widgets, Google map in order to connect with the fans out there.
All of those elements are above are already included in the package default of the theme. You can import all of them into your WordPress site and start using them!

Smart Layout Options

By using this theme, it will give you full control of both per individual page or site-wide page. So, it means that you can create a whole unique style and share the same feel and look for the entire site in every page.  You ca also choose a page/header design from 10 unique styles. There is also no header option which is good to make landing pages. It will help you a lot if you don’t want to have such header navigation. There is also a sticky option of header you can choose.

Ajax Navigation

In this feature, it allows the visitors of your site to browse while they can still listen to the music thanks to Audio Dock to make the music able to continue playing. Here are the awesome key features:

·         Audio dock that is automatically resumes/pause when users or visitors play audio or video in the album and video lightbox post

          The music continue to play while users or visitors navigating different pages on the site
·         Audio dock will not get interrupted as users browse any page using back/forward button.

So, what are you waiting for? Install this theme to get more attention from your fans!