Looking for a Reliable WordPress Theme Builder? Try Themify!

Using a theme builder will give you more freedom and flexibility in customizing and personalizing the appearance of your page. When it comes to versatile and reliable theme builder, Themify is certainly one of them. It is very easy to use and also has plenty of great features. It is included in all Themify themes, but you also can use the plugin to customize non-Themify themes. If you are currently hunting for a great page builder plugin, you might want to consider to choose this one. Now, let’s see the features and benefits this theme builder offers.

themify wordpress theme

Drag and Drop

Customizing a layout becomes much easier with Themify’s drag and drop feature. There is no need to learn complicated codes to change the layout according to your liking. You can simply drag the rows and columns, widgets, images, videos and basically any elements in the page, and then drop it to the place that you prefer. This feature makes it easier for you to see how your page is going to look like even when you are still in the middle of the editing process.

It also offers wide range of modules and page elements that you can easily apply to the page. This builder allows you to channel your creativity by applying colours, videos, images, and numerous fonts to make the layout looks more attractive.

Preloaded Content

While it is fun to customize every single aspect of the layout, it is not possible if time is not on your side and your website has to go live as soon as possible. In this case, Themify can be of help as well. This WordPress theme builder comes with preloaded layouts. Those layouts are ready to be used and you don’t have to do any advanced customizations to make the layout looks presentable. You only have to change the texts and maybe the images if you want to give identity to your website. There are over 40 preloaded layouts in Themify. As a result, you can easily find something that suits your taste even if you don’t have to personally edit the layout.

Switch from Back End to Front End View

When it comes to page builder plugin, you usually have to choose between front end and back end builders. Both builders have their own strengths and weaknesses so sometimes it is difficult to choose which one you have to pick to create your page layout. While back end builder allows you to use codes and gives you more freedom in customizing the layout, front end is the one that gives easier access to monitor how the layout is going to look like when it is finished.

Thankfully, you can switch between the two builders easily with if you use Themify. After building your themes in the back end, you can easily switch to the front end to see how your layout is going to look like for the visitors of your site and continue the easier part of the design from the front end.

Ready for Business

If you are building a website for business like e-commerce site, Themify is a great tool for you. This WordPress page builder plugin comes with plenty of features that can support your business. The predefined layouts are mostly built for professional e-commerce or online store so it is going to be much easier to manage your site with this tool. In addition, Themify also supports various payment services, which are certainly needed by every e-commerce site. Unfortunately, you have to purchase more expensive plans to get all the business features.

The best thing about this theme builder is the fact that it is SEO friendly. It supports plenty of SEO applications and external tools. It also supports Yoast plugin which makes optimizing your page simpler than ever. It also supports statistics and analytics features so you can easily monitor the performance of your website.

Great Pricing

Pricing certainly becomes one of your considerations when choosing the best page builder tool. There are several different pricing plans in Themify and it also offers free plan. If you only want to get the builder only and use it to customize third-party themes, there are three options you can choose from. You can get the lite version for free, but you will not be able to enjoy all the features to the fullest. With $39, you can get the premium plugin and with additional $20, you can have full access to the bundle add-ons.

If you purchase Themify themes, the builder plugin will be included as well. There are three plans you can choose from. The first one is the Free Themes. You can choose any themes you like from the Free Themes option and also get the plugin. However, it doesn’t come with support and updates. The next plan is Single Themes for $49. If you buy 1 theme, you will get one free as a bonus. You also will be eligible for 1-year support and free update. If you want to keep your website fresh by changing the layout frequently, you might want to subscribe to the premium Themify Club. For $79, you will get access to all current themes and new themes that will be launched during your subscription period. Just like the second plan, you will get 1-year support and free update.


If you have tried the other similar tools, you definitely will see why many people love Themify. Its ability to easily switch from back end to front end view really makes layout creation process more time efficient. Furthermore, it also has myriads of personalization features from animations, video backgrounds to various content modules.

The price might not be the cheapest and the free plan has really limited functions. Furthermore, it might tak However, considering all the features and convenience this plugin offers, creating layout for your WordPress page has never been this simple. So, if you want to create a custom layout that suits the purpose of your site without any hassles, Themify is definitely a great choice.

Parallax Theme for Professional Look Site

Are you looking for parallax theme? Then, you should install Themify parallax theme. It is a perfect mix of two cool trends which are single page and parallax scrolling design. It is created for those who want to build an amazing scrolling site in parallax with ease. Don’t be afraid and be confident to share your service and work responsively on a simple single page. Visitors can admire your content in sections of parallax scrolling. By using this theme, there will be fly-in elements to impress your visitors. You can use the theme as a regular site and single page with page URLs. So, what are you waiting for?

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Design Your ECommerse Site with Shoppee

The advanced of digital technology now affects in the rapid grow of online marketing. With Shopee, designing the perfect ecommerce site for your business is not impossible to do anymore.

About Shopee Themify

Shopee is actually Woocommerse theme with multi – purpose. The company is established to help clients to create professional ecommerce in just short period of time. The theme comes with drag and drop Themify Builder. Not only that, the theme also has various features of ecommerce such as wish list, ajax quick search, ajax cart, product image zoom or gallery, quick look lightbox, and much more. If you want to create an ecommerce site of your own, there will be simple steps that you have to accomplish.

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Ultra Theme Review

Today, anyone can create their own site easily. With Ultra Theme, this task can even be accomplished easier. Being designed by Themify from well – reputed WordPress Company, the Ultra Theme will make you have fantastic ecommerce site.

About Ultra Theme

Ultra Theme is considered to be the most flexible, powerful, and efficient theme produced by Themify from WordPress Company. The product comes with exceptionally high quality theme that will capture your heart. With Ultra Theme, you will be able to create any site for your business easily and in relatively short period of time with extremely high responsive theme. The product is also considered to be the most user – friendly and convenient themes available now. This is possible to happen since due to the fact that the theme enables any website developer to have control over the website they create in hands completely right from the header up to footer. This makes it easier for the website developers to use the themes. Ultra Theme comes with a lot of interesting offers to the clients include design skins and pre – made demo sites. The two features are especially designed to help the website designers and developers to make a basic sample to find out how awesome the theme will be before they turn to create real site..Read More ..

Themify Float—Recommended WordPress Theme for You

Do you want to have website with stunning theme? If so, you can choose Themify Float as your website’s theme. Today, you may be able to find various wordpress themes, but not every theme will make your website looks stunning. How about Themify Float? Read the information below to know more about that theme.

Do I Need to Choose Themify Float?

Compare to other themes, Themify Float offers so many features. What is Themify Float? It is wordpress theme that offers stunning look and focuses on creating parallax floating effect on your website. With parallax floating effects, your website will look more stunning and attracts visitors to explore your website.

Why you need to choose Themify Float? This theme is much recommended, because it has been used by popular site, such as Apple site. Many people want to have website that looks elegant, and it is a chance for you to change your website into elegant website by using Themefy float. There are still many benefits you will get if you choose Themify as your website’s theme.

Themify Float not only makes your website looks elegant, but also responsive. You can try the theme before purchase it. And you will know that Themify Float makes your website more responsive. The theme works on any device, such as PC, tablet, and Smartphone. It means that your website can be accessed maximally on any device.. Read More ..

Themify Peak—Elegant Website Theme to Support Your Work

If you search for unique website theme for your wordpress website, you can choose Themify Peak. Actually, Themify offers various website themes. Themify Peak is one of Themify themes that can be your recommendation. Read the information below to know more about Themify Peak.

Do I Need to Choose Themify Peak?

Themify Peak is a wordpress theme that offers unique layout called mansory tiles layout. With this layout type, your website will look more stunning and unique. This theme is also responsive. No matter the device you choose for accessing your website, your website can be accessed optimally on any device. It means that Themify Peak theme will make your website looks elegant on every device, such as phone, PC, and tablet.. Read More

Themify Music Theme for True Artist and Music Lover

If you like listening to music, then you should try Themify to be installed to your site. Music is universal language that brings people together. Having a site to promote your music or just sharing update of any information related to it will be more perfect with Themify music theme. In this article, you will find out more about this theme that will make your site cooler!

Unlimited Layouts

Since Themify has its own Builder, people will be able to build unlimited number layouts page by dragging or dropping it. These are the elements that you can create with Builder. Read More

Themify Split Theme:  A Perfect Theme with Scrolling Effect

A split scrolling theme is one of the famous theme designs for WordPress site. Themify split theme is a completely responsive theme for WordPress that is created with a feature called as split scrolling. It will allow you to make an effect of cool splitting when you scroll from one row to another row. The team has designed this type of theme to allow user to show any types of content starting from image, full width video, and text on all rows in the site using an interesting appealing effect.

The designer team also has inserted pair layouts for postings with half page (no sidebar), and full width feature image (sidebar). Both layouts will allow you to change the design of the display you desire to show your blog pages or portfolio. After that, this theme comes with 8 sample page layouts, 9 various colored skins, footer and header visibility options, a masonry layout, and infinite scroll. You can try the demo to see what you can do with this Split theme. Read More